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Clinton Voting Record


CTG wanted to know about the real Hillary Clinton. What we have uncovered is both shocking and eye opening. Here are just a few examples of a long voting record that paints an unsettling picture of the candidate.

On Homeland Security:
Clinton voted against HR 6304 – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments which gives the Attorney General broader power in the surveillance persons of interest.

Consumer Protection:
Clinton abstained from voting on H.R.4040 – Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 The bill protects children from products with hazardous substances.

Protection of Legal Gun Ownership:Clinton tried to vote down S.AMDT.4615 which protects legal gun owners from having their firearms seized during times of emergency.

Desecration of the U.S. Flag
To Former Secretary of State and NY Senator destroying the flag is not a problem. She voted no against a constitutional amendment that would have banned the practive. See S J Res 12 – Flag Desecration Constitutional Amendment

English as the official language:
Who would think that a proclamation identifying English as the official language of the United States could be controversial. Just ask Hillary, She voted against S.Amdt. 4064 To amend title 4 United States Code, to declare English as the national language of the United States

Unborn Victims:You would think that killing an unborn child is a crime. Clinton just can’t get passed her liberal bias. She voted against a bill that would have made it possible to get justice for a child killed in the womb. See HR 1997

Protecting Medicare?:
No so much. Thankfully the bills passed even though Hillary Clinton tried to vote them down. see H.R.1 and S1. Be careful if you are elderly in Hillary Clinton’s America.

Voting:Finally, you have to wonder if she wants fair and honest voting, Apparently not. Clinton tried in vain to vote down HR 3295, A provision that would modernize and improve voting nationwide.

Fortunately, the voting records are public record. They are easy to find if you are willing to dig. Make your own conclusions based on what you uncover. Check them out at © 2014 Frontier Theme