United We Stand Divided We Fall!

High Gas Prices!

obama-sucksBy Stan Green
April 3rd, 2014

The Russians are invading their neighbors and Obama is pretending that he doesn’t like it. Putin and Obama are accusing each other. Both of them are liars. Obama is probably the worst liar in history.

Obama’s lame energy policy causes high gas prices. Prices below $90 a barrel mean that Putin does not have money for an invasion. Obama is funding Russian aggression with high oil prices.

Disregard all of Obama’s lies. His true intentions are revealed by what he does with the price of oil. If he keeps it the same or raises it he supports Russian aggression.

If Obama were to stop blocking the Keystone pipeline, oil prices would be on the way down. If oil leases on public lands were available as in the past, oil prices would normalize.

Normal oil prices would create an economic boon for us and put a stop to many wars. Obama’s dismal job performance would get him fired anywhere. He is downgrading our defenses and has announced plans to give away the internet. The Net is not his to give away and those are our defenses.

The people need to fire Obama, and it needs to happen right away.

The people can intimidate Obama into resigning by applying more pressure than he can tolerate. Remember Richard Nixon?

The next time you fuel your vehicle or pay the electric bill, be sure to curse Obama’s soul for the gouge he just put on you and your family.

More on getting rid of Obama next time.

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