United We Stand Divided We Fall!


July 4thMarch 21st, 2014
Oped by Stan  Green

The paramilitary assault by the BLM on the Bundy family in Nevada has exposed the evil intentions of “The Gov” towards the people. Enough patriots reacted and made the 200 BLM goons back off. They could see they were going to lose.

The BLM official who ordered this assault is a criminal who belongs in prison. If you feel relieved that you were not targeted by ‘The Gov” this time, enjoy it because your turn is coming.

“The Gov” has many of these paramilitary groups who are preparing to assault the people. They are heavily armed and have evil intentions.

“The Gov” has become a kakistrocracy. “The Gov” is so corrupt that it does not function as intended. For example, separation of powers does not exist and impeachment is not possible.

If the people are to save themselves and the country, they must take control of “The Gov”. But ‘the Gov” has a huge network of spies whose purpose is to spy on the American people in order to keep “The Gov” in power.

People joining an opposition movement are sure to attract unwanted attention from the IRS and / or other government agencies.

So, how can the people do something to end the government outrages? The Constitution provides the remedy. Our right to petition “The Gov’ for redress of grievances is a result of the Magna Carta being imposed on the King about 800 years ago. We can use this right to force ‘The Gov” to behave. “The Gov” needs a spanking and the American people are just the ones to do it.

This is how we can get it done;

  • 1. Without risking exposure of your identity to “The Gov”, do all you can to spread the word. The only way this will work is if more people show up than “The Gov” can push around
  • 2. One by one, we drift into Washington, D.C. on the 4th of July until every square inch of the place has one of us  on it. At this point, we announce that we have come to occupy the place and we are not leaving until we have resignations. Nothing comes or goes until we leave. There are more than 300 million of us, if 1/3 show up, we will number more than 100 million. Easily the largest assembly in history. We will be more than ‘The Gov” will dare to shoot. Any resignations we demand will be readily handed over.
  • 3. The resignations will be a good start. Next, a provisional government will be set up and we can go about ridding ourselves of much of our bulbous govt. and replacing the necessary and beneficial parts.
  • 4. If insufficient number of patriots show up, just celebrate independence day and go home. You will have risked nothing.
  • 5. Prepare to kiss your freedom and this country goodbye.

Obama will have time to finish destroying the country and we will have to continue watching our way of life disappear.

Don’t let it happen, this could be our last chance.


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