United We Stand Divided We Fall!

This Can Destroy US

By Stan Green June 4th, 2014   “The Gov” has passed HR2847 in March of 2010. Of course Obama signed it into law. This law has a provision known as “Fatca” (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Title V of this law goes into effect July 1st, 2014. The law forces all banks int the world […]

The Gov Is The Enemy

Oped by Stan Green May 19th, 2014   Obama just released (a reported) 36 thousand criminals to freely roam our country committing more crimes at will. All of them are here illegally and Obama thinks their crimes (murder and rape) are not that bad. Of course, Obama has 500 bodyguards. He wants to make citizens […]

Real Immigration Reform

Op Ed by Stan Green May 14th, 2014   Obama and Boehner are calling for “Immigration Reform”, meaning that they want to give citizenship and voting privileges to another 50 million Mexicans. (“The Gov” has been lying about the 11 million.) Obama and Boehner are the enemy. Their desires expose them, If they get what […]

The Truth About the BLM

  Oped By Stan Green April 28th, 2014 Cliven Bundy refuses to pay the BLM grazing fees. He claims that the BLM does not own the land. At first this sounds preposterous, but further examination reveals that he knows what he is talking about. on 4-23-14 judge Andrew P. Naplitano stated on the Hannity / […]


March 21st, 2014 Oped by Stan  Green The paramilitary assault by the BLM on the Bundy family in Nevada has exposed the evil intentions of “The Gov” towards the people. Enough patriots reacted and made the 200 BLM goons back off. They could see they were going to lose. The BLM official who ordered this […]

High Gas Prices!

By Stan Green April 3rd, 2014 The Russians are invading their neighbors and Obama is pretending that he doesn’t like it. Putin and Obama are accusing each other. Both of them are liars. Obama is probably the worst liar in history. Obama’s lame energy policy causes high gas prices. Prices below $90 a barrel mean […]


By Stan Green 03/02/14 Recently the government announced the new 6.7% unemployment rate. This is total B.S. The real unemployment rate is 37.2% as reported by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, 1-22-2014. More than 1/3 of our workforce is idle!!! So, how did the greatest industrial power in the history of the world sink […] © 2014 Frontier Theme