United We Stand Divided We Fall!


By Stan Green

Recently the government announced the new 6.7% unemployment rate. This is total B.S. The real unemployment rate is 37.2% as reported by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, 1-22-2014.

More than 1/3 of our workforce is idle!!! So, how did the greatest industrial power in the history of the world sink so low?

“The Gov” kept raising taxes and imposing absurd regulations until they turned the worlds best business climate into “Business Hell”.  As “free trade agreements” became law, the businesses that could fled “business hell”  for friendlier countries. Our jobs went with them.

With no production, we have nothing to sell. Therefore, no prosperity with high taxes and onerous regulations.

After our industrial base was gone, “The Gov” said that most of our jobs were provided by small business. Then the bankers stopped making loans. So much for small business.

Next, Obamacare made crummy jobs which were left into part time jobs.

At any time, the dipshit we call president could have shelved obamacare and told the bankers to make the loans or lose their charters. He did nothing. What a dope.

We are in deep doo doo and its “The Gov” who put us there. Both Republicans and Democrats did it to us and it took decades. Most alarming, the people voted all of them into office.

The way out of this mess is to get rid of the things which drove the business away.

The worlds highest corporate tax and the EPA have to go. They are destroying us. Everything in this country hinges on the economy.

Once we are “Business Friendly” the jobs and prosperity will flood back. As the worlds new center of economic activity, we will no longer have unemployment. Imported labor will be needed to do the extra work.

All of this prosperity will be the end of food stamps and welfare. Deficit spending will be over. National debt will be paid down and off., The dollar will get stronger and its reserve currency status assured.

Economic security begets military superiority. We do not have to downsize out military.

The worlds trouble makers will not have money to start more wars.

The value of “The Gov” is revealed by the prosperity of the people. Ours is bankrupt.

Our problems in this regard can be reversed overnight. To make this reality we need to organize large numbers of our people. Then it will happen.

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