United We Stand Divided We Fall!

Real Immigration Reform

Op Ed by Stan Green
May 14th, 2014


ImmigrationObama and Boehner are calling for “Immigration Reform”, meaning that they want to give citizenship and voting privileges to another 50 million Mexicans. (“The Gov” has been lying about the 11 million.)

Obama and Boehner are the enemy. Their desires expose them, If they get what they want the American people will be the losers because they already have too much labor for the available jobs. To correct the imbalance we need more jobs and less labor.

To get more jobs, the people will have to take the power from “The Gov” so that taxes can be lowered and regulations trashed.

Instantly the worlds business will flood back in here. We will be awash in prosperity. Unemployment will be over and all of us will be gainfully employed.

The only “Immigration Reform” that makes sense for the American People is to stop all immigration until the need for labor can be proved. Then a limited number will be allowed in and closely monitored.

Once the worlds prosperity is ours again, we can easily pay off the national debt and stabilize the petrodollar. We will control everything.

All of this is doable by the American People if massive numbers of us turn out on July 4th, 2014. If we stick together, we can do anything. Pass the word.

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