United We Stand Divided We Fall!

State Of The Union (is sad)

By Stan Green
January 11th, 2014


obama-sgt-schultz“The Obama” is scheduled to deliver the state of the union address on Jan. 28th, 2014. Is there any reason to give him an audience? If he doesn’t know anything about anything as he claims, what could he possibly say that anyone wants to know?

If he was lying about that, then the answers to many questions are due. If a morsel of truth is among his lies, how will you be able to discern it? “The Obama” has no credibility so why would anyone pay attention to him? Perhaps there is some curiosity about the new lies he has concocted.

Maybe Obama cult members need to renew their fix. Whatever the case, Obama is a waste of time. We must unite and take steps to “Oust The Obama.

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