United We Stand Divided We Fall!

The Gov Is The Enemy

Oped by Stan Green
May 19th, 2014



Obama just released (a reported) 36 thousand criminals to freely roam our country committing more crimes at will. All of them are here illegally and Obama thinks their crimes (murder and rape) are not that bad. Of course, Obama has 500 bodyguards.

He wants to make citizens and voters of these criminals. Having already broken our laws, no illegal is worthy of citizenship and should be immediately deported and never allowed in the country again.

The United States Constitution in article IV, section 4 states that the United States shall guarantee to every state a republican form of government and shall protect each of them from invasion.

Obama is violating his oath of office and breaking the law. The United States has been invaded. Invasion is an act of war. “The Gov” has been assisting the invasion. If “The Gov” has not been obeying the law, then why should the people obey it? So, its time to choose, do obey the constitution, or follow king Obama?

“The Gov” has been printing ballots in the language of the invaders. The promotion of the invaders language is a clear attempt to divide and conquer us. Everyone involved in it is an enemy of this country.

“The Gov” is running an illegal operation. It is not ok for Obama and Holder to only enforce the parts of the law they like. They can not change the law to suite themselves. Both of them have to go.

Its time for the people to take the power from ‘The Gov.” We do not have to take what
The Gov” has to dish out.

Unite on July 4, 2014

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