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Was Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech Borrowed?

The Media wanted to rain on Trumps parade by claiming that Malania Trump stole her words from Michelle Obama. There can be no doubt there are several similarities. However, the themes these speeches share are not new. Words from the likes of Orson Wells extol  the virtues of “your word is your bond”. The phrase, “You have to work hard for what you want” is also attributed to Natalie du Toit. Finally, “treat others with respect” is a quote from Nathaniel Branden.  Michelle Obama appears to have lifted much of her 2008 speech from John W. Rogers, Jr. Mr. Rogers is a prominent black businessman who delivered a speech to the University of Chicago Law School. You can read about it here or see the quotes here. Many of the first lady’s sentiments are eerily similar. I dearly hope that main stream media outlets will seek out a transcript of Mr. Rogers speech. I doubt that will happen. The fix is in! © 2014 Frontier Theme